Date: 7 May 2011
Time: 22:00 – 04:00
Place: Gaslab
Costs: €5,-

Mike Dred (Rephlex, Machine Codes/UK)
live: Rude 66 (Bunker, Crème Organization, Viewlexx)
live: Ekman (Adapter, Enfant Terrible)
live: Bliksem (Adapter)
Eterno (Adapter, WhoEst)

An initiative by the Adapter Collective celebrating the infamous Roland TB-303 bass machine. The TB-303 created a sonic revolution in the late 80’s that reshaped electronic music for many years to come. The Genius By Default concept celebrates those pioneering days by inviting various artists and dj´s famous for their acid sound.

MIKE DRED (Rephlex, Machine Codes/UK)
Mike Dred (a.k.a. Universal Indicator, Chimera and The Kosmik Kommando) has been a leading DJ since the mid eighties, a producer since 1988, a sound designer since 1992, and is considered an important figure in the development of acid techno and innovative usage of the Roland TB-303. Although he’s recorded for a variety of different labels, including his own Machine Codes label, the bulk of his material has appeared on Richard D James’ Rephlex imprint.
The publication ‘ The Rough Guide to Techno’ by Tim Barr, described Mike as “The Jimi Hendrix of the 303” and “Full on Acid Genius”.

RUDE 66 (Bunker, Crème Organization, Viewlexx)
From deep atmospheric soundtrack acid to dark industrial electro-funk and melancholic electronic wave disco, Rude 66 has done it with a dystopian edge of new wave-futurism. Rude 66’s acclaimed live shows are intense improvisations featuring mostly analogue equipment. He has an instantly recognizable signature sound: hard, dense, but full of detail and groove.

EKMAN (Adapter, Enfant Terrible)
Ekman has been a part of the Adapter collective from the very beginning. His electro is known and famed with the connoisseurs. The heavy bass sound of Ekman´s electro live sets will test the untrained listener but once they’re immersed in this dark world of beats and basslines they will find it’s worth their while. He recently performed live on the internet radio station of I-F, intercalactic FM.

BLIKSEM (Adapter)
Co-founder of the Adapter collective Bliksem prefers using analogue synths and drum machines. No flashiness but particular minimal beats and coarse TB-303 basslines make for a slow acid groove that takes you back to the time when squatting was still legal.

ETERNO (Adapter, WhoEst)
Eterno is the most recent addition to the Adapter collective. A dj with a love for the acid bleeps of the TB-303. His diverse dj sets have recognizable as well as obscure moments.

The Gaslab is an old labratory on the University of Eindhoven terrain. With its raw and old industrial feel we think it is the perfect location for our Genius By Default acid/electro projects. We spare no costs on production and soundsystem so you may expect the best sound (and lightshow) conceivable within a certain minimalistic setting.
There are only 300 tickets available with no presale!

How to get to Gaslab:

Het Kranenveld (Campus TU/e)
5612 AZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

By Train:
Gaslab is located at a 5 minute walk from Eindhoven Central trainstation. (click for map)
Night trains from Eindhoven cs to Den Bosch – Utrecht – Amsterdam and Tilburg – Breda – Rotterdam/Den Haag

By Car (parking):
If you come by car you will find free parking facilities across the street from where the Gaslab is (at the Prof. dr. Dorgelolaan).
Please do not park on the University terrain.

We hope to see you at Genius By Default!