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    19/03/2011 Beats of Love: Lektroluv Label Night (Vooruit, Gent)

    Kozzmozz presents

    Beats of Love : Lektroluv Label Night

    Saturday, March 19th 2011 @ Vooruit, Gent


    Dr. Lektroluv ( Lektroluv Records )

    VNNR (Lektroluv, Crux Rec)

    G Tronic (Lektroluv, Dim Mak Rec)

    Boemklatsch (Lektroluv, BMKLTSCH rec)

    Spacid (Beats of love)

    from 23h. till 6h.

    Pre-sale: 13 euro
    Door: 16 Euro

    All Free Record Shops
    Vooruit Ghent
    Online @ http://www.ticketland.be?shop=97

    Beats Of Love | Facebook
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    Beats of love | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos

    Label-info :

    lektroluvrecords's Spotlight page on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    れく☆とろ(本物) (Lektroluv) on Twitter
    Lektroluv - CDs and Vinyl at Discogs

    Info artists:

    Dr. Lektroluv
    Dr Lektroluv | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos
    Dr Lektroluv (dr_lektroluv) on Twitter
    Dr. Lektroluv Discography at Discogs

    VNNR | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos
    VNNR | Facebook
    VNNR (VNNR) on Twitter
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    G Tronic
    GTRONIC | Facebook
    GTRONIC | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos
    GTRONIC (_GTRONIC_) on Twitter
    Gtronic Discography at Discogs

    Home - Boemklatsch
    Boemklatsch Discography at Discogs
    Boemklatsch | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos
    Boemklatsch (Boemklatsch) on Twitter

    Spacid | Musique gratuite, dates de tournées, photos, vidéos
    spacid | Facebook
    Spacid's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    Music from Spacid, on Official.fm
    Dj_Spacid - Spacid


    Beats of Love is one of the most renowned electro party concepts in Belgium and is the place to be for the freshest and hottest electro around. For this edition we are very happy to welcome Belgium’s coolest and hottest electro label of the moment : the green doctor’s Lektroluv Records !

    As we all know, the Doctor has a sharp ear for the finest and most cutting edge artists. His Lektroluv label is the living proof of how he manages to attract electro’s finest acts. At this edition of Beats of Love he will be bringing along names who may not to be the most famous but who certainly are coming on strong and taking the electro scene by storm. So get ready for some new flesh!

    Headlining the night is the Doctor himself who hardly needs any introduction. He’s adored all over the world and is instantly recognizable by the green mask. He’s got 10 mix compilations to his name (of which some were recorded at major festivals as Extrema, Werchter & Pukkelpop). He’s solely responsible for signing and grooming now huge electro acts as The Subs and Sound of Stereo and a lot more electro talent that’s about to hit it big time. And let’s not forget his legendary dj-sets that will make any crowd go bananas!

    First up is VNNR who caught everybody’s attention with his remix of The Subs’ “Vomit in Style” and will be releasing his first solo EP on Lektroluv very soon. Off course, the in-crowd had noticed him before as he’s receiving big support from dj’s as The Bloody Beetrots, Mr. Oizo and Justice to name but a few.

    G Tronic already played at Beats of Love and his set was so banging that we had to get him back! He’s clearly making quite a name for himself now. First there was the huge hit “Iron man” which got him to tour the world from Australia to South Africa and back. Then there were his releases on Lektroluv and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records as well as various remixes. The future is looking bright for G Tronic. His dj-schedule is steadily filling up with international gigs, so this is your chance to catch him on Belgian soil.

    The Dutch Boemklatsch collective is also booming, which is not surprising at all. Their unique and energetic act with a live mc, 3 cd-players and 2 technics for some ill scratching will definitely destroy all the major summer festivals this year. Boemklatsch, a group of 7 friends from Holland, launched their own label to great success, released several well received electro compilations and their first studio album last year. The day of this party is also the release day of their follow up EP on Lektroluv Records called “Into the Future” and there are more plans for Boemklatsch releases on Lektroluv in the pipeline for 2011.

    The line-up is completed with resident Spacid who has been promoting electro since the famous Body 2 Body parties in Culture Club and continues his mission on Beats of Love since the start.

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    Zin om een report te schrijven over Beats Of Love - Lektroluv Label Night en hiervoor in ruil gratis ingang te krijgen?
    Mail dan als de bliksem richting contact@stereotypez.be
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    Get ready to be electrified because the Green Doctor is in town. And since
    he's constantly travelling the world, that doesn't happen often. He will
    unleash his irresistible electro selection upon you on Saturday, March 19th.
    He will bring along some of the finest new talents on his Lektroluv label
    for this exclusive label night. You can also except slammin' sets of
    G-Tronic, VNNR and the Dutch collective Boemklatsch who are 8 man strong and
    will be doing it live. All to be warmed up by resident Spacid. Here's the
    line-up of the night:

    23h00 - 00h15 : Spacid
    00h15 - 01h45 : VNNR
    01h45 - 03h30 : Lektroluv
    03h30 - 05h00 : G Tronic
    05h00 - 06h00 : Boemklatsch live
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    The Lektroluv Label Night on Beats of Love was a very successful
    edition. Spacid warmed us up in a way which made our feet move more and
    track by track. VNNR took over and our hands reached for the skies.
    Dr. Lektroluv then made a house call and unleashed his healing power onto
    the diseased.
    His work-out was so effective, it could only have come from the
    G Tronic delivered a massive set and dazzled us with a total mind
    fuck before the 6-headed Boemklatsch took to the decks and performed
    in their own peculiar way and electrified the atmosphere.
    You were great, cya all at the next edition...

    Here are the official pictures. Don't forget to tag yourself and
    your friends.

    Beats of Love 19/03/2011 | Facebook

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