Volledige versie bekijken : CoD:MW2 PC: DFU is recruiting members! (Modern Warfare 2)

24 februari 2010, 21:50
Dear members,

DFU is currently recruiting dutch members to fill our teams.
Based on a "Warteam" and a "Pubteam".

What does Warteam and Pubteam mean?
Our Warteam exists 7 members of our clan (5 main players and 2 back-ups) who are available to play a Practice Clan War (PCW) everyday. Those play ESL matches when the 5on5 SD Ladder is up. (5on5 SD Ladder plies naouu!)

Our Pubteam are the normal gamers under us. Those will also play PCW's, but at a lower level.

What do you need to join DFU?
- Teamspeak 3,
- Available to play an PCW match,
- Be active,
- UAC2 ID,
- Skills :).

Also ppl who want to join our Warteam need an ESL Account and are at least MED skilled.

If you are interested or want more information? Add lilguidos to your friends list.

Hope to see you in my friends list soon :),


24 februari 2010, 22:40
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