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22 februari 2009, 12:09

Hi all, my name is Zionpokert ( on psn europe),
my goal is to make street fighter 4 more competetive on PSN EUROPE.

about me:
i myself am new to street fighter 4. u can definitally call me a newbie.
But i have been a top notch player in different games (like starcraft).
& the competetive / community scene in starcraft is INSANE ,
even now there are PRIVATE SERVERS where 2000+starcraft players play ranked gamez.
price tournaments roll every 2 weeks (with cashprices of 1000$ ONLINE TOURNAMENTS ) etc...

Due street figher 4 having almost no options to b able to play competitive online ( meaning ingame options ( no lobby, no tourney mode)
I decided to make my own community, & see if we can compete amongst each other, & help each other improve.

At first i will host free tournaments offcourse going from 8 man to 64 man tournaments.
If i can get a good system on how to organize these events, i will after 2 32 man tournaments host a price money for the winners.
These price awards wont b consistent (they will b coming from my personal pocket).
& they will b around the range of #1 100 $ on partypoker, #1 75£ amazon.co.uk cards etc... (maybe could get more in future)

i'm hosting a free tournament this friday.
please all register on Euro Fighters (http://www.yoeri.net/zion/sf4/euro.html)
or directly Sf4 -> Euro fighters weekly free tournament (http://z8.invisionfree.com/Sf4/index.php?showtopic=3)

do not b scared of the low subscription the site opened today02/22/2009
( my psn friends +8 will all register to that tournament) i'm hoping it will b 16 man at minimum, but gotta start at 8.

lastly, i am not a webdesigner , do not judge the site by its looks, the only important thing about this site will b its MEMBERS!
i'm a very social competitive gamer, & due no lobbys or good chatsystems i really urge everybody to join this community.

Thx all ---> EURO FIGHTERS
sry about ze english, but i tried ^_^

22 februari 2009, 12:14
Online / Matchup Forum - 9lives (http://www.9lives.be/forum/online-matchup-forum/)

Jerre Muesli
22 februari 2009, 12:41
Waarom engels als ge uit genk komt...

9 augustus 2009, 19:13
Als je nog zin hebt om een toernooi te organiseren, zou je dat hier kunnen doen:
Street Fighter Community Forums (http://www.streetfighter4.nl)