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10 augustus 2008, 11:45
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2x BenQ AWL 400 USB Stick

BenQ AWL 400 - Network adapter - USB - 802.11b - USB / BenQ AWL 400 Wireless LAN USB Stick provides up to 400 meters of operating range and has a cable free built-in USB connector for laptop and desktop PC usage. AWL 400 has a smart pivoting design, making it simple to position it for the very best reception. The pivoting design also makes your laptop more free to move. AWL 400 has an advanced auto-run installation wizard, which automatically detects a nearby access point with the best signal strength.

Minimumprijs (per stuk): 7,5 euro
Meeneemprijs (per stuk): 10 euro
Verzendkosten: 2 euro

Realtek PCI 10/100 Ethernet Netwerkkaart
Chip: RTL8100C

Minimumprijs: 2 euro
Meeneemprijs: 3 euro
Verzendkosten: 2 euro

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10 augustus 2008, 22:00
bod voor de 2 sticks 20 incl.

11 augustus 2008, 18:37
bod voor de 2 sticks 20 incl.

Bod genoteerd...PM onderweg!