Volledige versie bekijken : Excess XL (22/02/08) @ Waaiberg, Leuven

9 december 2007, 21:03
EXCESS XL is the third edition of Leuvens finest drum n bass party. This time we bring a huge liquid drum n bass night, with a nice underground partyvibe. Such event in Leuven can only take place at the waaiberg, which will be equipped with a booming soundsystem, and drinks at a democratic prize! 2 international guests and the best Belgian dj's will turn this into a night you will never forget!

As headliner BETA 2, originating form Ireland, is the one who will bring one of his finest selections. With multiple releases on the biggest and most respected labels as Metalheadz, Bassbin and Soul:R this man won’t disappoint you! With his partner in crime, Zero Tolerance, he made some of the biggest partytunes of the last 2 years . With forthcoming stuff on Bassbin, CIA and Liquid V, you know there’s more to come! He blew everyone away with his partyset at fabio's 1xtra show so expect a lot of dj skills and some of the freshest dubs around.

Our second international guest is none other than HENREE! With tunes signed to Soul:R and Phunkfiction, he’s one of the upcoming talents of Germany! Collaborations include artists like Lynx and Switch., which will be released on the labels Lucky Devil and Prestige Music. In his DJ sets as well as in his own productions he prefers energetic beats, combined with an soulful edge, integrating funk & groove.

With NOJZZ we bring you one of Ghent's finest dj's. As this guy stands for variety, you can expect the whole spectrum of drum n bass in his selection: From Renegade Hardware over Hospital to Bingo, everything mixed into a smooth blend and great flow! He played on numerous big events as Steam, Mystic,… He won't disappoint!

This edition, the man representing Leuven will be one of Belgium’s most wanted at this moment: THE NITROUS. Originating from Leuven he will bring you an ultra fast & tight set , touching every corner of drum n bass. With booking such as Therapy Sessions, Stealth Bombers and Steam Extreme, this man has something up his sleeve!

The EXCESS residents supporting this night will be Shoves & Etnik. Very complementary in style, they will close the night with a deep and smooth selection, giving the perfect cooldown for this extra large edition!

Join us on this edition in the Waaiberg for 5euro before midnight and 8 euro after!


Beta 2 en Henree!!!!!!
De Shoves moet ge der maar bij nemen.

Drum 'n Ford
9 december 2007, 21:11
Vettige line up !
Ga proberen te komen :)

9 december 2007, 23:05
hier gon we neki proberen natoe te komme :)

9 december 2007, 23:28
da zegt gij altijd eagle :)

10 december 2007, 22:58
awel ja dus nu oek eh :)

15 december 2007, 00:51
Daar gaan we idd eens een kijkske nemen :)

26 december 2007, 16:41
gij hebt den topic gestart debke :)

10 januari 2008, 20:33
ZO! ik wou dit hier net komen te POSTEN, en dan staat het hier al, bigups, allen komen !

19 januari 2008, 17:45
naar boven!
er komt trouwens een 2e ZAAL bij! een UIT CHILL ZAAL!

21 januari 2008, 01:51
ik ben daar ook trouwens!!!

15 februari 2008, 16:57
volgende week vrijdag :!:
voor iedereen die van Drum 'n' Ford houdt!

17 februari 2008, 21:52
hier gane kik dus den trikke omver pissen :)

De Shövve
18 februari 2008, 20:44
Vanavond Jungle Fever op Stubru : 5 gratis tickets te winnen !