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20 maart 2006, 14:25
intel® pentium® 4 processor supporting hyper-threading technology† with a system bus of up to 800 mhz.

system memory
memory capacity four dimm sockets for up to 4 gb of unbuffered ecc ddr pc2100/pc2700/pc3200 memory.
memory type unbuffered ecc or non-ecc ddr pc2100/pc2700/pc32001 sdram 72-bit, 184-pin gold-plated dimms.
dimm sizes 128mb, 256mb, 512mb, 1gb.
memory voltage 2.5v only.
error detection corrects single-bit errors, detects double-bit errors (using ecc memory).

integrated onboard
chipset intel® e7210 chipset
dual network connections one intel® pro/1000 server network connection and one intel® pro/100+ server network connection.
graphics ati* rage* xl svga pci video controller with 8 mb of video memory.
super i/o controller winbond w83627hf super i/o controller.

csa port communication streaming architecture port providing a dedicated link to the intel® pro/1000 xt server network connection for rapid network communication.
pci one 32-bit/33mhz pci slot.
pci-x three 64-bit/66mhz pci-x slots.
serial ata two ports supporting raid levels 0 and 1.
ide two eide channels for a total of four ide devices.
usb three stacked usb connectors for a total of three at the rear panel, one internal front-panel usb header to provide one usb port.
serial ports two serial ports: one asynchronous 9-pin rs-232c, one via 10-pin internal header.
floppy controller 1.44mb and 2.88mb, 3-mode support.
keyboard/mouse ps/2, 8240a-compatible.

management solution
hardware mini bmc (national pc87431mat or equivalent), and heceta* (adm 1027) management controller.
software intel® server management 5.8 (at product launch).
remote management lan access to system status, logs, configuration data, and utilities, without the need for a remote-management card.
server monitoring to monitor temperatures, voltages, and fans.
server troubleshooting event filtering and proactive alerting via lan.

validated operating systems
microsoft* windows* 2000 server, microsoft windows server* 2003, red hat* linux* 9.0, red hat enterprise linux es 3.0, suse linux 9.0 professional.

system bios
bios type 8mb flash eeprom with ami* bios, multiboot bbs (bios boot specification) 1.4-compliant.
special features serial console redirection, plug and play, ide drive autoconfigure, smbios 2.3.1, ecc/parity support, multilingual support.

jumper and front panel connectors
jumpers bios configuration.
front-panel connectors ssi-compliant connector with power led, nic activity leds, power on/off switch, reset switch.

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22 maart 2006, 18:25
niemand interesse ?

27 maart 2006, 23:25
ok nog steeds te koop

doe me een bod ... eventueel ook te ruil met CPU P4 northwood vanaf 3.0Ghz

31 maart 2006, 12:45
laatste keer ne up doen

20 april 2006, 12:50
mmmm kan weg voor 140€ ... eventueel voor meerprijs kan er een p4 2.8 northwood worden meegeleverd