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21 december 2005, 11:49
Verkeert in nieuwstaat! Amper gebruikt...

Startprijs 30euro


The Easiest Upgrade From Basic Built-In PC Sound To Home-Theater Audio
This ultra-affordable upgrade allows you to start enjoying an audio experience and quality that's not possible with basic on-board audio thanks to 24-Bit ADVANCED HD™ and EAX® ADVANCED HD™ technologies. With this sound card, your music will never have sounded better and you'll even be able to convert your old tapes or vinyl to digital audio. Finally your games will come alive while you're also immersed in 5.1 surround sound. All this in a simple USB solution that installs in a snap!


Enjoy Crystal Clear 24-bit Audio

With 256 times the resolution of your basic built-in sound, all your music, movies, and games will sound better in 24-bit ADVANCED HD™ quality.
Create MP3s, Organise Music, Burn CDs

The full-featured Creative MediaSource™ digital player allows you to make crystal clear, high quality MP3s, manage your music library, and burn personalised CDs.
Make Your Music Sound Even Better

Customise your CD and MP3 playback with easy-to-use and convenient
Acoustic Enhancements that give you better control over your music than a home theatre system.
Bass Boost - Enhance the bass in your music (2.1 and 4.1 speakers only)

Multi-Band Equalizer - Personalise playback of audio frequencies

Audio Clean-Up - Remove noise from MP3s of old recordings

CMSS® 3D - Enjoy virtual surround sound on stereo speakers/headphones

SVM™ - Automatically match volume levels across music tracks

EAX® Effects - Add acoustic effects like Concert Hall to your music

Convert Old Recordings to MP3 Easily

Record all of your old cassette tapes and vinyl records to MP3 with simple
connections and easy-to-use recording software with advanced cleaning tools.


Experience Realistic Sound in Your Games

Imagine hearing game sounds so realistic that you feel like you are actually in the game. Whether you're playing first person shooters, strategy games, or others, with EAX® ADVANCED HD™ support you'll hear all the action.
Surround Yourself With 5.1 Sound

Immerse yourself in your games and DVD movies with 5.1 surround sound that lets you hear every sound in front or behind you.


One-Step Hookup

Upgrading to Home Theatre quality audio on your PC is as simple as plugging into any available USB port - no power adapter needed.


USB Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External
USB Cable
9-pin Speaker DIN Cable*
Quick Start guide
Installation CD containing:
Drivers for Windows XP (SP1) and 2000 (SP4)
Creative Software Applications Suite
User Guide
* List of speakers that currently support the 9-pin DIN for volume control:

2.1 speakers:
Creative Inspire T2900
Creative I-Trigue 3200
Creative I-Trigue 3300
Creative I-Trigue i3350
Creative I-Trigue 3400
Creative I-Trigue L3450
Creative I-Trigue L3500
Creative I-Trigue 3600

5.1 speakers:
Creative Inspire P580
Creative Inspire P5800
Creative Inspire T5400
Creative Inspire T5900
Creative I-Trigue 5600


21 december 2005, 12:49
Is deze voorzien nog van de afstandsbediening ?

21 december 2005, 13:00
Is deze voorzien nog van de afstandsbediening ?

Na gewoon effe op de url te klikken kan ik je vertellen dat deze zonder afstandsbediening is.

21 december 2005, 14:07
Is deze voorzien nog van de afstandsbediening ?

Hij is wel nog degelijk voorzien van de afstandsbediening ja :niceone:

21 december 2005, 19:06
30 incl


21 december 2005, 20:38
sorry, trek bod in, kga me eentje uit de colruyt halen voor 25 euro

21 december 2005, 21:59
30 euro afgehaald

22 december 2005, 00:01
30 euro afgehaald

Genoteerd wie doet beter? :p

22 december 2005, 12:57
kleine up...