Volledige versie bekijken : problem with IRC

21 mei 2005, 14:49
wie kan mij helpen?
ask ik connect naar quakenet krijg ik dit bericht:
(14:44:50) -irc.quakenet.org- *** Looking up your hostname
(14:44:50) -irc.quakenet.org- *** Found your hostname, cached
(14:44:50) -irc.quakenet.org- *** Checking Ident
(14:44:50) -irc.quakenet.org- *** Got ident response
(14:44:50) —› open proxy, see http://www.quakenet.org/openproxies.html - id: 798521.
(14:44:50) —› error: Closing Link: FaF|mTm by sw.de.quakenet.org (G-lined)
(14:44:50) * Disconnected

21 mei 2005, 15:34

You are running some sort of Proxy, probably Wingate or similiar. This Proxy is misconfigured. It does not only allow clients on your LAN to use it, but everyone on the Internet, without any Authentication. Such Proxies are frequently abused by flooders. This is why every client connecting to QuakeNet is scanned for an open Proxy, and G-Lined (Banned) when one is found.

To fix this, reconfigure your Proxy so that it is secure.

The G-Line will expire after 30 minutes. If your Proxy is secure, you should be able to reconnect after 30 minutes. If it isn't, you'll be banned again.

We are currently scanning Ports 80, 1080, 3128, 6588, 8000, 8080 & 45554. So if you get G-Lined you have a proxy listening on one or more of these ports.

You can enter the ID number you got in the gline-message below to get more detailed information about which proxies were found on you host.


22 mei 2005, 11:28
en nu int nederlands?
en hoe reconfigured ge da?

24 mei 2005, 21:29
1. You are running some sort of Proxy, probably Wingate or similiar. Doet ge dees of niet? zoja, blokkeer die poorten
2. Als ge geen proxy server gebruikt, check uw irc opties of ge geen proxy ingesteld ebt
OF reinstall uw mirc ies;) (folder volledig deleten)