Volledige versie bekijken : Ntldr ??

the widowmaker
7 juni 2004, 21:53
wa is da eigenlijk ntldr , soms valt men pc uit en komt dat er op , kzou totaal ni weten wat het betekend . weet iemand het wel , en hoe komt het,en hoe kan ik dat vermijden ??

7 juni 2004, 22:12
Short for NT Loader, a program loaded from the hard drive boot sector that displays the Microsoft Windows NT startup menu and helps Windows NT load.

Often a user will see the message "NTLDR is Missing" after attempting to install Windows 2000 or Windows XP, or upgrade a Windows 95-based or Windows 98-based computer to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The message appears after the first reboot. This occurs only if Windows 95 or 98 has been installed on a drive with the FAT32 file system.

To correct the problem, the user must boot the computer with a Windows 95 or 98 Startup diskette or another bootable diskette with sys.com on it. Then, at the "A:\>" prompt, type "sys c:" and press "enter." A "System Transferred" prompt should appear and then the user must reboot the computer without the diskette.

Google, 3de hit :)

the widowmaker
7 juni 2004, 23:42
ale da weten we dan ook weeral he , merci he m8 :niceone: :niceone: