Volledige versie bekijken : Hello, I am new in this forum, have an idea about motorcycles repair

23 januari 2018, 18:22
hello, everyone who is driving bikes,

I live in antwerp, and find out that its quit difficult in here, to have bike repaired, or you need to go to official dealer, who (sorry for my words) have to left hands, plus stupid thing like "afspraak", what is stupid like hell, or search for some "garage guy" who thinks that he knows something about bikes, and carb pilot screws for 4 cylinders regulates by sound or driving chain lock is locking with hammer I am from lithuania, driving bikes from my 9 years old, now i am 36, so you imagine that i was driving with soviet bikes, when i was young so you are driving 1h. and repairing 24h without spare parts have huge experience in motocross, hard enduro, and sport bikes. Have an idea, who want to open non profit organization, with own garage, all tools, free entrancy for members and friends, we can fix our bikes by self, get discounts on spare parts and so on... I was thinking to make bussines from that, but when you count all taxes and expenses its not worth. But some non profit organization, with some members in it, can can give quit good support for bikers in antwerp regio, who is pest of official dealers, and guys with two left hands i can fix any motorcycle, and solve any problem, bad thing for this we need to have tools, possibility to get spare parts (stupid thing in Belgium, lot of spare parts sellers dint sell for private persons... And so on...

Want to hear your thinking about this.