Wacky Races



They're the craziest crew ever to crank up a car and this is the kookiest contest in history. Put them together and you've got guaranteed motoring mayhem and remember this is one race where it pays to play dirty ! This time Dastardly & Muttley are determined to win ! So what are you waiting for? Why not rev up your roadster and join the race to find the world's wackiest racer !!!

  • 11 cars including Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine and Penelope Pitstop in her Compact Pussycat
  • Over 20 race tracks
  • 4 wacky worlds including new City theme
  • Over 60 special abilities, including the Bubble Gum Shot, Ratt-A-Tatt and Bouncy Battle Bombs
  • Gas guzzling gameplay for 1 to 4 drivers including fiendish Battle games
  • Many new features exclusive to PlayStation├é┬«2

Informatie over Wacky Races

Releasedatum: 29-09-2000
Ontwikkeld door: To Be Announced
Uitgegeven door: Namco Bandai Partners (Atari)
Genre: Racing
Beschikbaar op: pc ps2
Age 3+

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