PictoImage enables up to eight players to take turns drawing the image of a word generated from a large database while competitors race against the clock to guess the word first. Featuring eight multi-player game modes, players can compete against each other in a variety of party games including Picture Pass, a mode where a subject will be passed from player to player in an image and the last player has guess the subject based on all the drawings. In multiplayer mode players can also create a personal library of words to use when they square off against other players.

PictoImage will also include a single-player and two-player mode where players must guess an image from a library of 300 drawings created by people of all ages. The tutorial mode teaches players how to draw a variety of different images from four main categories (Animals, Objects, Food, and Other).

Informatie over PictoImage

Releasedatum: 12-09-2008
Ontwikkeld door: SEGA
Uitgegeven door: SEGA Europe
Genre: Strategy
Beschikbaar op: nds
Age 3+

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