Jane's Attack Squadron



Jane`s Attack Squadron offers single missions, campaigns, quick missions and training missions. Campaigns combine single-style missions, and put the player in the role of squad leader, while quick missions allow the player to set a few parameters and jump into the fray. Training missions cover basics (take-off and landing) and attack maneuvers (such as dive-bombing and using rockets and torpedoes). The game also includes robust multiplayer support for up to 8 players via LAN or TCP/IP. Multiplayer options include deathmatch style Dogfights.

  • Historic battles re-created to test your skill.
  • Powerful battle controls to allow strategic placing down to individual units.
  • Deep historical themes and artwork.
  • Multiplayer battle over LAN/Internet.
  • Over a dozen strategic battle formations.
  • Five tactical units to battle with.

Informatie over Jane's Attack Squadron

Releasedatum: Onbekend
Ontwikkeld door: Rockstar New England
Uitgegeven door: N/A
Genre: Simulator
Beschikbaar op: pc xbox ngc
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