.hack mutation



In part 2 of this episodic, 4-part double-disc masterpiece, your remarkable party members meet up with the characters from .hack//SIGN television series, to support you through your painstaking journey to the truth.

What is the developer of "The World" hiding? Kite continues his quest, armed with the forbidden abilities of Data Drain and Gate Hacking. Will he be able to save Orca and the other coma victims...?

  • Bring your save date over from Part 1 and hit the ground running in Part 2 with your leveled up characters and items.
  • Dual voice-over: choose either Japanese or English for a totally immersive experience.
  • Combine Keywords to generate customized fields.
  • Continuation of .hack saga from Part 1.
  • Continuation of .hack//LIMINALITY in 30 min bonus DVD
  • Characters from the .hack//SIGN animated series make an appearance!
  • Bonus mini game: Grunty Race!
  • Additional features can be added to Grunties on the field.

Informatie over .hack mutation

Releasedatum: 18-06-2004
Ontwikkeld door: CyberConnect2
Uitgegeven door: Atari
Genre: RPG
Beschikbaar op: ps2
Age 12+

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