Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories aangekondigd

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories aangekondigd

10 May 2006 16:52 | Nieuws | pieterm | 0 reacties

Rockstar Games en Take-Two Interactive Software hebben aangekondigd dat men bezig is met de ontwikkeling van een nieuwe Grand Theft Auto-titel. De nieuwe Grand Theft Auto-titel zal Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories wezen. Deze zal op 20 oktober van dit jaar exclusief op de Playstation Portable verschijnen.

"The success of Liberty City Stories on the PSP system was nothing short of spectacular," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games and Executive Producer. "The incredible PSP system technology allowed us to do things we never thought possible on a handheld system and we are excited to once again give our audience a fresh experience in one of their favorite locales in the Grand Theft Auto series, Vice City. With Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories we look to once again smash expectations of portable gaming, bringing an all new story and exciting new gameplay elements to this classic setting."

"Our collaboration with Rockstar Leeds has been a tremendous experience," said Leslie Benzies, President of Rockstar North. "Together we have been able to create uncompromising experiences on the PSP system that not only stay true to our initial vision for the series but that surpasses our own goals of what could be done on a handheld. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will thrill longtime fans and excite new PSP system gamers like never before."

"We are proud of what we were able to achieve with Rockstar North on Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories," said Gordon Hall, President of Rockstar Leeds. "By staying true to the high standards of the series and surpassing fans� expectations for a Grand Theft Auto title on a portable machine we feel confident that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories will redefine what handheld gaming is capable of with the most intense PSP system experience yet."

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is een 'nieuw' spel in de Grand Theft Auto-serie. Zo zal het spel een compleet nieuwe verhaallijn, nieuwe missies en extra gameplay-elementen bevatten. De omgeving is dezelfde als die uit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City die eerder op Playstation 2, Xbox en PC verscheen.

Informatie over Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Releasedatum: 09-03-2007
Ontwikkeld door: Rockstar Games
Uitgegeven door: Rockstar Games
Genre: Action
Beschikbaar op: ps2 psp
Age 18+

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