Firefighter FD 18



Set in a large urban city, firefighter Dean McGregor and news reporter Emilie Arquette find themselves embroiled in a complex mystery that involves the random eruption of fires in a sprawling metropolis. Searching for the perpetrator brings them closer together while putting their lives in grave danger.

Firefighter F.D.18 includes realistic simulations of fire, including backdrafts, flashovers and chemical explosions. Stepping into the shoes of everyday hero McGregor, players must use their skills to face the raging flames and rescue those in danger. Courage, field experience and high tech equipment - such as water hoses and an impulse firefighting gun - will help players extinguish the rampant flames.

Informatie over Firefighter FD 18

Releasedatum: 23-04-2004
Ontwikkeld door: Konami
Uitgegeven door: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Genre: Action
Beschikbaar op: ps2
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