Danny Phantom: The Urban Jungle



A powerful new eco-ghost has turned Amity Park into a real urban jungle. Danny Phantom must battle his way through the twisted thorns and monstrous vegetation and learn an all new-freeze power to defeat this evil nemesis.

  • Soar through ghostly 3-D worlds attacking all new enemies in frenzied shooter action
  • Travel to the Ghost Zone to learn DannyÂ’s new Freeze Power
  • Defeat new enemy Undergrowth as he tries to turn Amity Park into a nightmare of plants and vines.
  • Pilot the Fenton Flier and Danny with new inventions from the Fenton lab

Informatie over Danny Phantom: The Urban Jungle

Releasedatum: 02-03-2007
Ontwikkeld door: Altron and ART
Uitgegeven door: THQ
Genre: Action
Beschikbaar op: nds
To Be Announced

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