Coded Arms



Coded Arms is a visually stunning first-person shooter that places the gamer in the role of a computer hacker who infiltrates an abandoned virtual reality system. Players will fight through various virtual battlefields against multiple types of enemies with more than 30 different weapons at their disposal. The game will also utilize the platform's wireless capabilities for intense multiplayer action. Coded Arms will be one of the PSP handheld system's premiere titles!

  • Immersive single player mode with stunning visual elements
  • Weapons collected in single player carry over to multi-player
  • More than 30 weapons including sniper rifles and grenades
  • Wireless multiplayer modes up to four players

Informatie over Coded Arms

Releasedatum: 09-09-2005
Ontwikkeld door: Konami
Uitgegeven door: Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Genre: FPS
Beschikbaar op: psp
Age 12+

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