Breath of Fire IV



Breath of Fire IV continues the epic tale of the dragon people who gave their lives to destroy the evil goddess of the land and bring peace back to their world. In this incarnation, a war has taken place between two continents separated by a nearly impenetrable swampland The fair Princess Elena travels to comfort the battle-worn people of the land, but after stopping in a small town she goes missing. Nina, Elena's sister, and herself princess of Windia Kingdom, sets out in search of Elena and on her journey finds Ryu, who joins up in her quest. Breath of Fire IV is a one-player role-playing game that combines two-dimensional Japanese anime-style characters with a fully three-dimensional, interactive environment. Players can explore immense 3-D surroundings and, with a touch of a button, change the camera view to reveal secret passageways, hidden treasures, power-ups or even monsters lying in wait.

  • 3000 frames of animation for each character set in beautifully landscaped 3D backgrounds
  • Tactical Battle System
  • Revolutionary Combo system
  • Dragon transformation players to transform their character (Ryu or Fou-Lu) into a dragon
  • Summon Dragon Ryu will be able to summon Dragons

Informatie over Breath of Fire IV

Releasedatum: 26-09-2003
Ontwikkeld door: Sourcenext
Uitgegeven door: Capcom
Genre: RPG
Beschikbaar op: pc
Age 12+

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