Backyard Football



ItÂ’s great Football action playing with the Pros as kids Backyard Football teams up with the NFL to bring kid versions of the best tackling, deepest passing and fastest running Pros. Choose from all 32 NFL teams or creating your own with custom team names and uniforms. Pick a playing field, call the plays and direct all the action in single games or an entire seasonÂ’s worth of hard-hitting action. ItÂ’s the chance of a lifetime to play with the pros right in your own backyard!

  • Form teams from 30 Backyard Kids and 10 pro players as kids
  • Pros include Donovan Mcnabb, Peyton Manning, Terrell Davis, Brett Farve, Ricky Williams, Jeff Garcia, Jevon Kearse, Jerry Rice, Michael Vick and Rich Gannon
  • Choose from all 32 NFL teams
  • Play quick games, single games or a whole season
  • Track player and team stats in “Season Play”
  • True 3D environments and multiple camera angles
  • Gameplay with rumble feedback

Informatie over Backyard Football

Releasedatum: Onbekend
Ontwikkeld door: Left Field Productions
Uitgegeven door: Atari
Genre: Sport
Beschikbaar op: ngc
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